TDMx - Model-Informed Precision Dosing made simple.

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring empowered by Pharmacometrics

Frequently asked questions

What are the features of TDMx?
TDMx unites most state-of-the-art pharmacometric techniques in a single web application. Learn more about TDMx features here!

Which drugs are implemented in TDMx?
Currently, a number of drugs are implemented. See here.

How can I install TDMx?
TDMx is designed as a web-application. No installation is required. You can launch TDMx directly via any web browser on PCs or even mobile devices (we recommend tablets as the screen size on mobile phones might be limited for a good user experience).

Is TDMx a medical device?

TDMx is NOT a registered or certified medical device (e.g. CE certification in the EU). As result of a research project, TDMx is provided 'as-is' for personal use only, free of charge and with absolute no warranty. Although we have successfully validated TDMx against other software packages, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the provided results. Please carefully read the legal notices before using TDMx.

Can I add my own drugs in TDMx?
No, you can currently only change the model parameters of an existing drug model. However, we encourage you to contact us with your specific question and we might add your drug/model in a customised version of TDMx in a research project.

Can I interface TDMx with my electronic medical record of my institution?
Currently, that's not possible. However, this feature is planned for one of the next updates of TDMx. Contact us if you are interested in a customised solution for your institution.

Can I use TDMx in undergraduate teaching?
TDMx is great for teaching undergraduate students TDM and currently used in several  universities in Germany and word-wide.